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Arts Council Wales Christchurch Primary Cynefin Project

Here it is! Our BAME project video! We are so proud!

Christchurch Primary received a grant from the Arts Council to work with a range of Creative Practitioners. (2021 Summer Term)


Miss Herbert and Year  2  took up the mission. yes


A story teller called Mr Phil Okwedy is helping us find answers to our research question:


Can storytelling increase year 2 pupils', staff and other stakeholders' knowledge and understanding of BAME heroes in our local community? Can we improve learners' inquisitive creative habits of mind? 

So far ...

  • Self assessed against Creative Habits of mind before and after (Inquisitive)
  • Developed our questioning skills (bench mark data)
  • Working closely with a storyteller 
  • Told stories orally
  • Pupil and adult self audit -questionnaires  
  • Pupil voice
  • Interviewed a range of Hidden Heroes both remotely and in person 
  • Worked with Rights Respecting Team -whole school will decorate stones to show that we are all different but equally special
  • Mrs Davies gave us money from the school to buy BAME books, games, toys and activities
  • All staff have been trained on BAME in the New Curriculum
  • All teaching staff took part in a Story telling Inset session 
  • We were kindly given a chair for all pupils to enjoy storytelling outdoors
  • We are working with an artist and a drummer to prepare for a local walking art gallery tour around the area with a film maker 
  • Develop language skills in how to say 'hello' and 'hero' in different languages
  • Each pupil and adult has kept a Journal to reflect 
  • Improving our understanding of ethnic and cultural diversity in Wales 
  • Wrote thank you letters 
  • Photographs and audio recordings
  • Updates on Twitter and the website 

Firefighter Calvin from Fire Station in Gorseinon

Yan Dhanda Christchurch video

Yan Dhanda made a video for Year 2 children as part of our BAME project. A big thank you to Mr John Meridith who helped us.

So far...

The day came to celebrate! We even had a film crew come and film us!