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Shine your Light

Literacy Miss Herbert

I am SUPER PROUD of you all! I love all of your jokes. Watch my videos to see if your joke has been used this week! 


Here are your activities for the week beginning 18th January wink

Monday 18th January 2021

Find Geometric shapes in nature - Expressive Arts/Literacy/Maths/PSD

Moving on from Friday's lesson

Can you go on a nature walk and find Geometric ART outdoors?

Go on a Geometric Art Hunt with Miss Herbert

Can you go on a geometric shape hunt on your daily walk? ALWAYS STAY WITH AN ADULT!

An extra drawing activity for mindfulness

Tuesday 19th January 

Literacy - Interview - Discussion

Interview a family member about what life was like when they were 7 years old.

WEDNESDAY  20TH January 


Miss Smith is going to teach the 'igh' sound. 

Miss Smith teaching 'igh' sound of the week.

Sound of the week

Thursday 21st January - Looking at old and new toys with Miss Smith


Watch the video and complete the task.

Can you group the pictures into a chart independently?

If you do not have a printer, use the video and pause the screen, then write/draw your own chart. 


Thinking Extension: Is there another way you could sort or group the toys? 

Miss Smith introducing toys from the past and present.

Miss Smith introducing toys from the past and present.

FRIDAY  22ND January    WELSH WITH Miss Herbert 


We have not been in school for a while so we have not been able to see Fflic and Fflac. Don't worry they are happy and really enjoy reading your jokes. 


Watch the video below. We are revising the pattern:  Pa liw, wyt ti'n hoffi?


Can you take on my challenge? 

Welsh revision fun

Play a game with Miss Herbert, Fflic and Fflac.

Well done for working so hard this week girls and boys. A special well done to all of the parents who are working hard at home too! You are AMAZING!


Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Herbert cheeky



For Wednesday 13th to Friday 15th January, Please scroll down. laugh

Monday 11th January 


Thank you for all of your emails. I am really pleased you are enjoying the tasks and my jokes. If you can tell a

better joke please send them to me and I will magpie your joke. laugh


Our school topic this term is 'Our Future'. We have been in school building a space rocket for our role play area. We will be learning about space and the future. 


This week our sound of the week is 'ee'. Here are your challenges for the week. When you re confident in being able to read and spell one column, challenge yourself with the next column. 


Green ‘ee’    



bee    feel  week 

see  meet 

tree       queen   teeth     sheep   

Wheel  cheese   knee    green 

screen    creek   street    sneeze   three   sixteen  



When I have been looking at your writing boys and girls, a lot of your writing is flying off the lines. Try to sit your letters on the line so their tails hand under the line especially with letters like 'y'  'g'  and 'p'. On Wednesday, I will plan handwriting activities as a revision day for you all. 

11/01/21 'ee' sound

Our sound of the week is 'ee'. You will find supportive work on our website.

11/01/21 One minute challenge

Pick an 'ee' word you find tricky to spell. How many times can you write that word correctly in one minute?

Tuesday 12th January


Let's start with a TOOTY TUESDAY warm up video like we do in class. Have Fun! angel Scroll down! 



Our school topic is 'OUR FUTURE'. 


Talk to an adult. What would you like to be when you grow up? When I was your age, I really wanted to be a vet because I love animals. Or I wanted to be an artist because I love painting. When I was eight, I came back from South Africa after going to school there and I went to a primary school in Wales. My favourite teacher was called Mr O'sullivan. He made learning fun! It was then I knew that I wanted to be a teacher! I LOVE teaching you all and I have been teaching in Christchurch Primary since 2004! 


I have added stories below and a song from Matilda that talks about growing up. Enjoy! 




Tooty Ta Tuesday with Jack Hartman

Every Tuesday in class, we join in with this b rain busting workout to get us thinking!

Matilda - When I Grow Up with lyrics

'When I grow up' from the stage show 'Matilda' with lyrics

When I Grow Up By Al Yankovic | Children's Book Read Aloud | Lights Down Reading

When I Grow Up By Al YankovicThank you for reading along with Lights Down Reading.This momma of three little girls thoroughly enjoys reading books when the L...

When I Grow Up - Read Aloud - Children's Book

A dancer, a cook, a firefighter, musician and more! What will you be when you grow up?eBook available at www.StoryTimeCare.comRead by Store Time Child Care o...

Wednesday Writing 


Revision - Handwriting Focus 


I really enjoy seeing your homework, but I have noticed a few of you are letting your letters fly up off the line! 

So have a go at my activities below to try and help you become super neat writers! laugh


I have attached activities that will help you practice your capital letters and full stops. 

Tips to improve your handwriting

From marking your home learning, some of you need to try and sit your letters on the line. You are all brilliant writers but hopefully my tips will help you ...

                        Thursday 14th January 


Boys and girls, you are AMAZING! We have lots of visitors who come to our school and say how fantastic, kind and hard working you all are! From next week in our Foundation Phase, we will have a new student teacher who will set you tasks and home learning on the website with your teachers. Her name is Miss Smith and she is very excited to be coming to work with us. Miss Smith will be with us until mid March. Have a look at her video where she has introduced herself. We are really looking forward to welcoming Miss Smith into our team. 


TASK:  Watch Miss Smith's video and write a letter back to introduce yourself.


Tell her about yourself and what you enjoy in school. You are welcome to write or record your responses by email or on HWB. Send your work to me, Miss Herbert and I will pass on any work. Miss Smith will not be able to email you directly herself but when we all see each other hopefully soon, you will get to work with Miss Smith in the classroom. 

12 January 2021



Go to the TOPIC ICON to complete your art homework. 


I had some difficulty in this lesson, can you help me make a better picture? laugh

I hope it shows you that things can go wrong but be resilient and persevere!