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Christchurch(Church in Wales) Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Eglwys yng Nghymru

Shine your Light

Week beginning 11th May

Heads, Shoulder, Knees and Toes


1. Sing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Can you sing it faster? Can you sing it slower? Can you sing it in Welsh?


2. Senses walk in your house or garden - What can you see, hear, smell, taste, touch? 


3. Funky fingers - Make a cereal or bead bracelet/necklace - Can you thread Cheerios, hoops or beads onto a piece of string or pipe cleaner?  If you don't have any string or pipe cleaners maybe you could try threading them onto a piece of dried spaghetti instead.


4. Play dough person - Make a person out of playdough


Play dough recipe

You will need

  • 8 tbsp plain flour 
  • 2 tbsp table salt 
  • 60ml warm water
  • food colouring 
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil 


1. Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl. In a separate bowl mix together the water, a few drops of food colouring and the oil. 

2. Pour the coloured water into the flour mix and bring together with a spoon. 

3. Dust a work surface with a little flour and turn out the dough. Knead together for a few minutes to form a smooth, pliable dough. If you want a more intense colour you can work in a few extra drops of food colouring. 

4. Store in a plastic sandwich bag (squeeze out the air) in the fridge to keep it fresh. 


5. Draw a picture of a person, can you label or point to these different parts? You could ask someone to draw around you outside using chalk.

head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, nose


6.  Try some finger painting.  What picture can you make?


7.  Write the numbers 1-10 on a piece of paper and cut them up.  Shuffle the number cards. Choose one card.  What number did you find?  Can you build a tower using this number of blocks or coins? Then pick another card and build another tower.  Which tower is the tallest?

Extension - Use number cards 1-20.


8.  Draw a picture of something you enjoy doing.

Nursery - Label you picture using one or two words e.g. dancing (Afternoon nursery ask an adult to do this for you)

Reception - Write a short sentence to say what you enjoy doing e.g. 'I like...'

Extension - Add a reason why 'I like... because...'


9. Last week we talked about our heroes.  If you could meet your hero what would you ask them?  Can you think of three questions you would ask? e.g. When were you born?  What do you like to play with?