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Shine your Light

LLC Miss Herbert

This week is a REVISION week because hopefully we will see each other soon after half term. This week we are revising punctuation and Miss Smith will be introducing our topic 'SPACE'laugh

Kung Fu punctuation powerpoint

Watch Miss Herbert and Miss Smith revise how to use question marks. full stop and an exclamation mark in your writing.

Kung Fu Punctuation with teachers

Tuesday 9th February 2021 


Watch Miss Smith read a story about taking the moon for a walk.  Where would you take the moon? Watch Miss Smith introduce your task - To use your imagination and tell us where you would take the moon on an adventure? 

You could write in full sentences or a poem on paper. You are welcome to type on Hwb as well. Good luck!


Creative Writing with Miss Smith

Read a Space story with Miss Smith

I Took the Moon for a Walk

Wednesday 10th February 


Today, I would like you to become the teacher. 


Look at your writing from yesterday. Read it through with an adult.


Use a different colour pen or crayon and mark your work like your teacher does in the classroom. 


Look at your punctuation, spellings and the size of your writing. 


Choose a different colour and give yourself 2 stars and a wish about your writing. 

2 ticks and a wish

Revising your sounds with Miss Smith

Thursday 11th February 


We have been revising  the sounds: 


ay                  ee               igh                ow                 ou                  oo   


Miss Smith has made a short quiz for you to try out! Have fun! 

If you log into your HWB accounts,  click the J2e tile and then click the homework tile. You will be able to access the quiz that Miss Smith has prepared for you.


Have fun 

Miss Smith has made a short video introducing the planets. Click on our TOPIC icon and complete the work set. 


Remember  planets always start with a capital letter like Earth or Venus. 

Introduction to Space with Miss Smith

Space activity with Miss Smith

Friday  12th  February 2020 


Time to  REFLECT  


After the news from the government this week, hopefully Year 1 and 2 children will be returning to school. Yippeeeee!


I am so proud of each and every one of you! I can not wait to see you after half term.yes


Your task for today is to watch my power point and say thank you to somebody. I have attached lots of letter printouts and decorations and art  activities if you would like to be creative!


See you soon! 


Miss Herbert laugh

Say Thank you