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Week beginning 15th June

Kitchen Disco


This is one of my favourite stories to read in class. I've found an animated song version for you to listen to and the original story read by George Ezra.


1.  Fruit and vegetable printing - can you make prints with some fruit and vegetables?  Maybe you could try make a repeating pattern e.g. orange, apple, orange, apple.  You could challenge yourself even more and make a pattern with three different items e.g. orange, blue apple, yellow apple, orange, blue apple, yellow apple.


2.  There are lots of different types of fruit in this story.  Which ones are your favourites? Can you write a list of all your favourite fruits?


3. Have a look at the Eat Well plate.  Make a small collection of some of your favourite foods.  Can you sort them into two piles? Ones that are healthy and ones that are not so healthy?  Why do you think they are healthy or unhealthy?  Remember that you can still have things that are unhealthy but you should eat lots of the things that are good for you too.


4. Healthy lunch box - now that you have had a look at the Eat Well plate and sorted out the healthy and unhealthy foods I'd like you to draw a picture of a healthy lunch box. What would you include? I would like a cheese sandwich, an apple and a bar of chocolate in mine.


5.  Can you help your grown up to make a healthy snack?


6.  Write a menu with something that you like to eat for dinner and your favourite dessert.  I would have spaghetti bolognaise and chocolate cake, yum yum!  Can you decorate your menu?


7. Can you draw a picture of your favourite fruit or vegetable?  Why is it your favourite?  Write a word or a sentence to say why it is your favourite.  I like... because...


8. Make your own fruit or vegetable character.  You could use a real piece of fruit or vegetable or cut the shape of one out of card.



cbeebies bedtime stories - George Ezra - Kitchen Disco

Kitchen Disco