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Poland - Toruń

Miss Herbert went to Poland to learn about 'Creative Thinking' and visit schools. It was a wonderful experience! 

Children in Poland do not have to go to school legally till they are 6 years old. Before 6 yrs, children are allowed to go to Pre school but it is not compulsory.


The schools I visited were very spacious, old and bland. They do not have displays or children's work up. The children do not wear uniform and they even get to sleep for an hour in the afternoon. 


The school I visited only had 15 children in each class. Each class had 3 teachers. One spoke in Polish and one teacher spoke in English alongside. The children are taught bilingual. 

The children seemed happy and engaged in their activities. They have breakfast late and a full meal for dinner after 2pm.

They loved TEDDY! 

I am looking forward to trying out some activities and lessons I learnt in FP2. 

Take a look at my photos 📸  if you have any questions, come and ask! 

Miss Herbert