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Ysgol Gynradd Eglwys yng Nghymru

Shine your Light

Week beginning 4th May

4.5.20 The Highway Rat


Watch the story of the Highway Rat (link below) and then choose one activity to do each day.


1.  Make a wanted poster for the rat.  Is there a reward for finding him?


2. Write a book/story review.  How many stars would you give it? Sawl Seren? un (1) dau (2) tri (3) pedwar (4) pump (5).  Did you enjoy the story? Can you draw a picture of your favourite part?


3. The Highway Rat finally gets caught out for his unkind acts towards others.  We always use kind hands in school, what could you do to with your kind hands when you are at home?  For example you could help tidy up, make your bed, help wash the dishes, put your toys away, play gently with your brother or sister or share. Draw around your hands and write your kind thing inside them.


4.  In the story the duck becomes the hero by saving the day.  Who is your hero?  Draw a picture of them and tell your grown up why they are your hero.

Nursery - Write their name underneath.

Reception - Write the sentence 'My hero is ...'

Extension - Why are they your hero? 'My hero is... because...'


5. The NHS and key workers are heroes.  Can you make a rainbow to say thank you? Display it in your window.


6. Make a mask for a superhero.


7. Maths scavenger hunt: 

Can you find:

* 2 pencils and 1 crayon.  How many items do you have altogether?

* 5 socks and 2 teddies.  How many items do you have altogether?

* 4 pennies. If you spend one how many do you have left?

* 4 items which are the same colour and 4 items that are a different colour.  Can you make them into a pattern? e.g. red, blue, red, blue, red, blue, red, blue


Extension - Can you make up your own clues for you grown up to find the items?


To make this activity easier you could start with finding an amount of objects e.g. Find 3 teddies or find 4 socks.