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Shine your Light

Language, Literacy & Communication Miss Herbert

Monday 25th January 

Focus: Discussion/ Presentation about your favourite toyyes


Watch Miss Smith talk about her favourite toy. Can you describe your favourite toy and use adjectives? Adjectives are describing words like 'cuddly' 'soft' and ' white'. You can write a report, type on HWB or make a poster. Good luck!

Try Miss Herbert's challenge - Pick GREEN, YELLOW or RED.

WOW words for adjectives

Tuesday 26th January 


Focus: Explanation Genre -  Design a toy for the future enlightened

Humanities/Literacy - Design a toy for the future

Watch Miss Smith talk about toys in the future. Can you design and explain how a toy in the future might look or work? You can be as imaginative as you like!

I took on Miss Smith's challenge. I designed virtual reality glasses that make you feel you are playing football with your favourite team in a stadium- Miss Herbert

Miss Smith designed a flying unicorn! Ms James designed an Eco Rhino! What do you think?

Go to our TOPIC ICON to see toy designs by some of the staff.


They had such fun designing a futuristic toy.

What a creative bunch!


Do you have a favourite?


Maybe I could give a prize to the most popular design voted by you!


Email me, Miss Herbert yes

Wednesday 27th January 2021


Focus - Learn 'ow' sound with Miss Herbert 

'ow' sound

Read at your own speed with an adult our RWI story

FREE online videos about RWI timetable

Thursday 28th January 


Go to the TOPICS icon and complete an activity set by Miss Smith. You will need some toys and your imagination. You are going to perform a short story using your toys. yes

Why not ask your parents or anyone you live with to be the audience.


If you use the internet to talk to friends or family members who do not live with you, maybe you would like to perform your short play to them. Enjoy smiley



Fun Friday Phonics with Miss Herbert   - Friday 29th January 2021


A fun revision session on 'ay'  'ee'  'igh'  and ' ow  ou'  sounds in a practical way. 




Friday Phonics

Revise phonics with Miss H

Green, Yellow and Red challenge sheet