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Ysgol Gynradd Eglwys yng Nghymru

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Foundation Phase 2 (Year 1/2)

Fun Day Monday

Sports Day 2021

Take a look at our learning up until 16th July 2021laugh

Learning 10th - 21st May 


WELCOME BACK - SUMMER TERM 2021  (12.4.21)

Welcome back everybody. We hope you had a lovely Easter break. This term our whole school topic is 'Gorgeous Gower'. Look out for a parents update on what we will be covering soon. 


PE will take place every FRIDAY afternoon. We will be learning athletic skills and games outdoors. Your child will need:

  • joggers 
  • trainers
  • white polo shirt 


Please put these items  in a PE bag  with your child's name clearly written on the front. 

We are back in school.



We have to stay in separate bubbles for now. So click on your child's class icon for pictures and news. We love sharing our learning with you! Homework will start from 12th March.

Miss Herbert wink

                                                     HA HA  HA HAPPY HALF TERM 


Well done everybody! You have all worked so hard and we are SUPER PROUD of you. Thank you for all of your photographs, emails and homework. You are AMAZING!  smiley


We can't wait to see you back in school from the 24th February! Until then, stay safe and keep smiling.  Have a lovely half term. yes


From Miss Herbert, Mrs Sears-Neale and all of the FP2 team. 

Home Learning week commencing 1st February smiley

Please see new icons below to click for Foundation Phase online learning                                      commencing 25th January 2021 smiley




(15.01.20) Hello boys and girls, Miss O'Reilly, Mrs Lang and Miss Logue  have a message for you all heart



Hello my little stars in Foundation Phase. I am missing you lots and can't wait till we are all back in school together having fun. I have been keeping myself busy and going out for local walks.

Mrs Lang and myself have started your role play area in the literacy zone, it's a space rocket. Fingers crossed we can get some spaceman outfits.

I have really enjoyed seeing your work that you have been downloading onto Hwb, you have all been working really hard (and you grown ups that have been supporting the children too)⭐⭐Can't wait to see you all very soon keep safe! 

Love Miss O`Reilly         



Hello everybody, I am really missing you all and can't wait to see you. The work on Hwb is fantastic! The teachers show me your emails and you are are amazing!

I need your help! We are making a space rocket role play in Miss Herbert's room.

Can you draw some pictures that could be put inside the rocket please? You can email them to me and I can print some out. Good luck! Stay safe and work hard.cheeky


Love Mrs Lang                  


Hi all,

Hope you are well and working hard. Have fun, take care. BE GOOD.


Love Miss Logue 


We Love hearing from you so please email us any work that you have done or upload to your HWB accounts.


Miss Herbert     


Mrs Sears-Neale.


Take care and stay safe.  

All of the work below is our home learning from previous weeks 

Home Learning from Wednesday 6th January 2020 


Hello girls and boys, 

                                We hope you have had a lovely Christmas. We miss you and can't wait to see you. Until then, please look at the learning we have prepared below. We would  LOVE to hear from you! 

Email addresses:     Miss Herbert    Mrs Sears-Neale 


Take care, stay safe smiley



Online/ Home Learning week commencing Monday 14th December 2020 


Hello girls and boys,

From Monday, you will be working from home. Scroll down onto the icons to complete work set by your teachers. 

Don't forget you have your Christmas packs that the elves delivered last week. 


YEAR 1  and 2 - You all have HWB usernames and passwords. There will be homework uploaded onto HWB as well as on our website below. Click onto the icons. 


Year 2 - As part of a reading  pilot scheme, you have been given a 'Headsprout' log on username and password.

If this project is successful, we would like to introduce it to Year 1 pupils next term. 

We would appreciate any feedback from parents please about the scheme. 


''Headsprout is a  scaffolded teaching approach that automatically adapts so every student receives practice and instruction. Early readers interact with engaging online episodes and read printable eBooks designed to in still key reading fundamentals like phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and beginning comprehension. Once readers have demonstrated a solid grasp of the basics, they move on to episodes created to teach the four primary components of reading comprehension: finding facts, making inferences, identifying themes, and learning vocabulary in context.'' 



Stay safe, keep in touch and work hard. 


Best wishes, 


Miss Herbert smiley



A special story...

ONLINE LEARNING IS FUN   (December 7th update) 



The elves delivered home learning packs to your houses last week. These are activities that do not need a computer to complete them. 



Please SCROLL down onto the ISOLATION suitcase icon for work to be completed by Year 1 and 2.



In your home packs, you were given a log on password for HEADSPROUTS. This is a fun and interactive 'Reading tool' to help you improve your reading, sound recognition and RWI skills. yes


Log onto : 


If you log into HWB and click on the Homework files, there is even more work to complete!  


Log onto : 


Please email us to let us know how you are getting on! 


Take care, keep smiling 


Miss Herbert wink

Can you make your character on Headsprouts? Guess which teacher is this avatar?

Our little elf read a story. Look out for a video soon! December 2nd

Activities to support the story

Information for pupils who are isolating at home (December 1st)



Good morning boys and girls,

                                              We hope you are well. Unfortunately you will need to stay at home for two weeks. During this time, we will be teaching you online. This week you will receive a home learning pack full of fun and festive cheer!


It will be delivered by Santa's helpers sometime this week.yes


Until then please scroll down and complete the work attached in the isolation icon (the suitcase picture).

This will be updated regularly and we hope to film a short story this week.


Please feel free to email us with your work or any news.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe, Keep SMILING smiley 


Miss Herbert and Mrs Sears-Neale 


In FP2 we have been using the apparatus

We celebrated Children in Need

6.11.20.... A sneaky peak! Preparing for our Nativity!





Welcome back everybody!


We hope you had a lovely Half term. Get ready for another busy few weeks. We will learning about Dylan Thomas and getting ready for the Nativity. A HUGE THANKYOU for all of your 3D Food art for the cafe. It looks fantastic and the children will benefit from the resources and have lots of different different learning experiences.


See the photograph below!


If your child is absent from school because they are isolating, please scroll down  this page and look at the work we have been covering in class so you can have a go at home.


It is World Kindness Day on Friday 13th November! So we will be celebrating this in school.


Keep Smiling!


Miss Herbert, Mrs Sears-Neale and the FP2 Team. 

Cafe is OPEN!





We have had another fantastic week! This week we celebrated a ‘Welsh Day’.  We made a Fflic  and Fflac birthday  display. Look in our pages to see what fun we had. It is Half term next week. Have a lovely time and we look forward to seeing you soon. 
Miss Herbert and the Fp2 team.




What a busy few weeks we have had in FP2. Have  look at the subject icons below to see how much fun we have been having. Thank you for all of your Harvest contributions. They will be donated to the Matthew's House Charity.

The children have been a delight to teach and they make us smile everyday!

Any questions, concerns or celebrations to share, please email us. 

Keep smiling,


Miss Herbert :


Mrs Sears-Neale : 


Miss Herbert - Foundation Phase Leader cheeky

Welcome!  25.9.20 


 May I take this opportunity to welcome you to the new school year in Year 1 and 2. We have four zones where the children rotate to allow their learning to have different experiences in different environments. The children we teach are AMAZING!

We have had a super start to the new school year! Please watch the video below to see what we will be teaching this term.


Any questions, concerns or celebrations please get in touch via email or the telephone 01792 510900 


Miss Herbert :


Mrs Sears-Neale : 


Please visit this page to see what activities we have been getting up to in FP2!


Many thanks,


Miss Herbert - Foundation Phase Leader yes



PE will start 9th October 2020. Please bring a PE kit in your child's. Please put their name on every item of clothing.


Thank you. 


Miss Herbert 

Welcome to Foundation Phase 2