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Ysgol Gynradd Eglwys yng Nghymru

Shine your Light

Numeracy - Mrs Sears-Neale

Monday 1st February

Re cap repeated addition 2's

Good morning, today I want to go over how we convert repeated addition into multiplication.

Maths W3D1

Miss Smith is going to take your lesson today and she is going to be introducing you to repeated addition of 5. Have fun

Tuesday 2nd 

Repeated addition using visuals

Maths W3D2

Wednesday 3rd

Converting repeated addition into multiplication 5's

Thursday 4th February

Outdoor Learning - Converting repeated addition of 5 into multiplication.

A change of scenery this morning, converting repeated addition into a multiplication.

Your activities for todaysmiley


Can you write out your 5 times table like this?

5 Times table

Can you play a game using a dice, or you can make one like I have using an empty box.smiley


First practice your 5 times table unto 6 x 5 = 


Then challenge yourself to practice unto 12 x 5 =


Homemade dice