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Christchurch(Church in Wales) Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Eglwys yng Nghymru

Shine your Light

Week beginning 18th May

18.5.20 Alphabet Soup


1.  Go on a sound hunt around your house.  Ask your grown up to choose a sound and see if you can find something in your house that starts with that sound e.g. h is for hat, c is for car, t is for teddy.  How many objects can you find that start with the same sound?


2. Get together a collection of objects, ask your grown up to write the letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper and cut them up.  See if you can match the letter to the correct object e.g. c and cup, d and doll.


3.  Can you use the letters to sound out words?  Start off with the m a s d t sounds. What two and three letter words can you make?


Nursery: Ask your grown up to say a sound, can you find the correct one?


Extension: Add in the next set of sounds p i n g o. What different words can you make?


4.  Have a go at writing the different letters.  This doesn't have to be with pencil and paper.  You could try water and paintbrush on the floor outside, chalk, painting the letters, make them out of play dough or pipe cleaners, write in a tray of rice, flour, salt or shaving foam.


5.  Have a look in your favourite book,  ask your grown up to choose a letter and see if you can find it in your book?  Can you find more than one?  How many did you find?


6. Play eye spy - Play a game of eye spy, choose something you can see.  Keep it in your head and say "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with... (say the sound)".  The players take it in turns to guess what you have seen, if they guess it correctly it is their turn to choose a something different and you can have a turn to guess.


7.  How many letters in your name?  Write your name on a piece of paper, can you count how many letters there are?  Ask your grown up to help you to write their name or your brother or sister's names. Count the letters in their name.  Who has the most letters?  Who has the least letters?  Does anyone have the same number of letters as you?


8.  Can you make or draw something that starts with the first letter of your name? e.g. Isabella could make an igloo out of blocks or Tom could draw a train.


9. Practise writing your first name.  If you find it tricky ask an adult to write it down for you to copy it.