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Ysgol Gynradd Eglwys yng Nghymru

Shine your Light

Week beginning 22nd June

The Day the Crayons Quit


Watch the story being read in the video and choose some of these activities to do:


1.  Estimation - Put some pencils or crayons in a pile.  Estimate how many pencils/crayons you think you can pick up with one hand.  Have a try, were you right?  Ask your grown up or brother or sister to have a go too. Who could pick up the most?  Who picked up the least?  Were your estimates accurate?


2.  Choose one colour crayon or pencil, can you draw a picture with just that colour?  What does it look like? Do you like your picture or do you prefer ones with lots of colours?


3. The crayons were all feeling differently, some were angry, some were sad and some were happy.  What makes you happy, sad, angry, scared or excited?  Draw a picture of the things that make you happy, sad, angry, scared and excited and label them with the feeling e.g. for my happy picture I might draw my family and write happy underneath.


4. Write a letter to your favourite crayon (see template below).


5. Beige crayon was sad because no one ever played with him.  What could we do if someone was sad because they had no friends to play with? Have a chat with a grown up about what you would do or you could draw a picture or write a sentence about it.


6. What could you draw with a red crayon? a blue crayon? an orange crayon? a silver crayon? a black crayon? or a green crayon? Draw a picture of the different things, using just that colour e.g. a red strawberry, a blue sea, an orange sun, a silver crown, a black bird and a green tree.


7. Draw a portrait of yourself or a member of your family or draw a landscape of somewhere you can see such as the beach, your garden, the park etc.  Have a close look at the colours you can see, try to use the same colours in your drawing.


8.  Reception - Make a block graph of your favourite colours.  Ask as many people as you can what their favourite colour is (give them a list of four to choose from).  Use the block graph sheet attached and write the name of the colour under the column.  Every time someone chooses that colour as their favourite you colour in one block.  


Which colour was the favourite?  Which one was the least favourite? How many people liked the same colour as you?





The Day the Crayons Quit