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Christchurch(Church in Wales) Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Eglwys yng Nghymru

Shine your Light

Week beginning 6th July

This is me!


This week I have found two stories that look at why you are special. Lots of things make you special, unique, you! It could be your hobbies, the country that you come from, your family or your religion and there are lots of other things too. Watch the stories and then choose some of these activities to do.


1. I am special poem - Write a poem about why you are special. Use the writing frame below to help you. 

2. What is your hobby? Draw a picture of you doing your hobby and write a sentence ‘I like...’ ‘I enjoy...’


3. Who lives in your house? Draw a picture of your house and the people that live with you. 

4. All about me flower - Fill in the petals on the ‘All about me flower’. 

5. Do you go to a place of worship? Can you write a sentence about what you do there? Think about the things we do when we visit Christchurch. 

6. Patterns are everywhere, you can find them on clothes, in plants, on houses, on driveways and lots of other places. Have a look at the patterns I have found and see if you can find some of your own. Take a photo of the patterns you find.

Ronald the Rhino | Twinkl Originals Children's Book Reading

Today's story is 'Ronald the Rhino'. This story is all about celebrating the things that make you special. What do you like most about yourself?

We Are All Different | Twinkl Originals Children's Book Reading