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Shine your Light

Literacy Isolation

In class we have been learning about Persuasion in Literacy.


Persuasion is where you encourage people to think or act in a certain way.


Look at the power points attached about RECYCLING and pollution in our seas. 


Talk with an adult. How does this make you feel? What can you do to help look after our planet? 



Design a poster to persuade people NOT to drop litter. This could be on HWB or on a piece of paper. 



Imagine you are a creature in the sea. Write a diary to tell other marine friends how the litter is making you feel unhappy. This could be on HWB or on a piece of paper. 



Look at the pictures of rubbish on the sheet. You do not need to print it off. 

Can you draw or write which recycling box the items should go in. Maybe draw a chart  to help you sort the items. 


Practice your RWI sounds. Practice your spelling. 


Aa   Bb  Cc   Dd  Ee  Ff  Gg  Hh  Ii Jj  Kk  Ll  Mm  Nn  Oo  Pp  Qq  Rr  Ss  Tt  Uu  Vv  Ww  Xx  Yy Zz 




How fast can you write the alphabet on paper or the computer? Are your letters in the correct order? 

Are they facing the correct way? Are they all lower case in size? 


Can you beat the teachers?


Miss Herbert completed it in 23 seconds. 

Mrs Lang completed it in 40 seconds.




With an adult, practice reading and the saying the letter names and sounds. 




Ask an adult to read aloud the words below.  Can you read them? Can you spell the words correctly without looking. 

If you can complete one level, move onto the next level. 

Level 1    CVC  words with vowels       Level 2   sounds  ch  sh  ng  nk                                                        

cat     hat    bin   sun   bun

dog    pen   pin     fox   box   men

bed    red    ten     rap    cap   bat 

shoe      shop     ship   chip   chop  chin    ring    sing  pink   think  

wink      chew     child     shout    shell    sink   song   wrong  


Level 3    sounds     igh      ee  ay  ow  air   

fairy     high   light    bright   sight   seed 

feed  between    play    day     cow   clown   pair   stairs     high    might    fight   starlight 


Level 4  sounds   ire   ear   ure   


fire     pure   sure    mixture  creature    future     temperature   


spire   inspire     purse   nurse    hurt   




  • Write your words using  our RAINBOW WRITING strategy.
  • Write your words into sentences. 




Keep an eye out for your LITERACY PACK that will be delivered to you soon.



Keep smiling!cheeky


Miss Herbert