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Ysgol Gynradd Eglwys yng Nghymru

Shine your Light

FP2 2019/2020


Prynhawn da bechgyn a merched. Good afternoon boys and girls.



It has been very exciting preparing the classroom for you to come back next week.


I am really looking forward to spending time with you once again and listening to your news and I know that you are looking forward to seeing your friends again.


Take care

Mrs Allen






Bore da, pawb.

Do you see lots of birds where you live?

I have a cheeky robin who comes into my house for food!

Yesterday I watched a greater spotted woodpecker take some peanuts

and feed its young.

Look out for birds near you and listen to their lovely songs.


Stay safe.

Mrs Allen

Greater Spotted Woodpeckers feeding

Still image for this video


Prynhawn da, pawb.


Mae hi'n gymylog and it's been great to have some rain to water the plants. As this is Garden Wildlife Week, I have been searching for interesting creatures. These are what I have found so far. Can you name them?

Please let me know what creatures you have found this week.

Have fun searching and take care.

Mrs Allen



1st June 



I hope you enjoyed the half term. yesThe weather was beautiful! On my daily walk with the dog, I saw foxes, ducks, rats, squirrels, bats, birds and parrots. It was amazing! On June the 1st, we are celebrating  National Wildlife week. So go to the rainbow home learning page for activities to help celebrate the week. Remember our ECO CODE! Take care and stay safe.

Miss Herbert 


Good afternoon,


Every morning I walk to the park with my dog and then I can do my school homework while he is sleeping. However today I noticed some rubbish in the park. It made me think about how can we persuade people to take more care of our wonderful world. Like our Eco code says: God gave us the world, it is our responsibility to look after it!

Go to the Literacy page and Well being page to complete activities based on this idea. 

Email me your ideas. 

Take care and stay safe

Miss Herbert smiley


Prynhawn da, blant.

I hope you are all having fun with your families and learning new things.


Have you ever noticed any bees in your garden?  They enjoy drinking the nectar from flowers. When they visit my garden they love the chives.

Here are some facts about Honey Bees


They have 4 wings, 5 eyes and 6 legs.   

Male bees are called drones.

Female bees are called worker bees.

Honey bees live in large groups called colonies.

A beehive can hold around 50,000 bees.


Perhaps you can find out more facts. 


Stay safe 

Mrs Allen

Hello boys and girls,


Sut wyt ti? I enjoy reading your emails mailand seeing your hard work! Keep them coming. Everybody in FP2 are so proud of you! Well done :) 

Today after I did some homework, Watson and I went to feed the ducks. I challengeenlightened you to try and name things you might see at a pond in the park using the A-Z game like we do in school. Go to the Literacy page in home learning to find out more! 

Take care

Miss Herbert 

13.05.20 laugh

Prynhawn da blant. smiley

I went to the shop this morning. (Es i i'r siop y bore 'ma.)

When I came home I started reading the information on a box of tea.


Look at the photographs to find out the shape and weight of the box, the number of teabags inside,

how long it takes to make a cup of tea and by what date it needs to be used.

I wonder if you can find out anything else by looking at the box!  


Find a box, tin or packet of food in your kitchen and look at the information.

Please let me know what you discovered.


Keep safe.

Mrs Allen

Can you identify what I saw on my walk? (29.4.20) Miss H

Good afternoon pawb (29.4.20)


Today after the rain stopped, we went for a walk in the local park. I took photographs of objects I saw. Can you identify them. I used my camera and zoomed in. If you go on a walk why not challenge your friends in this game and I can upload them to our HOME LEARNING page. 

Thank you for emailing me your hard work. I am SO PROUD of all of you! Keep smiling and having fun! 


Stay Safe 

Miss Herbertsmiley



Hello Everyone.


This morning I finished some of the homework Mrs Davies has given me so I went into my garden.

I closed my eyes and sat for 2 minutes listening to the sounds around me.

Can you guess what I could hear?


I heard lots of birds chirping, a little girl laughing and two cars driving by.


It's great to sit quietly and listen. Let me know what you can hear when you sit quietly for 2 minutes.


I hope you enjoyed the video message our staff has sent you.

If you haven't seen it yet you'll find it in Class Pages, under the stars.


We really are missing all of you and listening to what you have to tell us.

Keep sending your emails and photographs. 


Continue to have fun with your family and stay safe.

Mrs Allen


Good afternoon boys and girls,


I hope you are enjoying the sun. Watson and I went for our daily walk this morning and we collected natural materials to make artwork  after I have completed some school work from Mrs Davies today. If you go on a walk, why not take photographs or collect natural materials to make art work at home. Maybe use paints or chalks if you have them. I would love to see any pictures sent to my email address. 


Also have a look on the RAINBOW HOME LEARNING page to find more activities and learning! 

Stay safe and keep smiling!


Miss Herbert laugh

Prynhawn da blant.


It's another beautiful day and the sky is changing all the time.

Can you see differences in each photograph? 

What does the sky look like now? 

Remember that we can look at the clouds but we must NEVER look at the sun.  


I have been looking closely at the lawn in my garden.

I took 4 photos, getting closer and closer to it all the time.


Have you ever looked very, very closely at something?

Try it and email me to let me know all about it :


Keep well and safe

Mrs Allen






Good afternoon boys and girls,

I hope you enjoyed Easter. Watson and I had fun dressing up and we went on a walk. We saw sheep crossing a road back to field. I wonder where they were going? 


I am really enjoying reading all of your emails laugh and seeing your pictures. Ask an adult to help you, you need to email 


I have spoken to Mrs Allen, Miss O Reilly and Mrs Lang on the telephone and they all send their love and wishes from FP2. We have been completing homework from Mrs Davies and I hope you have been trying some of our games/ activities on this website. Click on the 'HOME LEARNING' page- with the rainbow.


Good Luck and stay safe. Keep smiling smiley

Miss Herbert 


Hello everybody.


Today is Maundy Thursday.

The day we remember that Jesus instructed the disciples to "Love one another as I have loved you."

We also remember The Last Supper and how Jesus washed his disciples' feet.


Look at the Home Learning page RE for the Easter Story.


I hope you enjoy listening to the beautiful song 'Gethsemane'

as we approach Good Friday tomorrow


and 'We Believe', an Easter song with sign language.


Let me know which songs are your favourite out of these and the Palm Sunday songs.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Allen



Yesterday was Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week.


As we were unable to attend church services we placed green branches or plants on our doors 

to remind us of the first Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

Enjoy singing along to these Palm Sunday songs. 


Cloaks and Branches


Sing it hosanna by Michael Mangan


Hosanna Praise is Rising




Good afternoon, 


Sut wyt ti? Dw i'n hapus iawn. Here is another picture of Watson. Today after I finished my homework, we went to the park because it is near my house. The daffodils look beautiful. Do you remember in March, we painted our own daffodils. If you have time, I would love to see some of your own artwork - use my hwb mail account. Go to the home learning page to get started. 

Take care,wink

Miss Herbert  02/04/20

Bore da, blant.


I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

I’m sure you have found lots of activities to do from our home learning suggestions

in order to keep up your skills and to learn some more.


I want to share a couple of photos of visitors to my garden.

Can you tell which one visits in the day and which one visits at night?


Have fun doing the activities smiley and don't forget to email me your messages.


Mrs Allen 





School is closed for now but keep in touch!


Good morning boys and girls,

                                              While our school is closed, you have been given a home learning pack with activities to complete. You are welcome to email us using our Hwb emails, just go to the 'Home Learning' star in the 'Class Pages'.Remember to ask your parents to help you on line.


Mrs Davies has given all of the staff lots of homework too! We are also helping to look after children in a Hub school for Key workers at different times in the week. 


Remember there are lots of games to play online too like the ones we do in class.yes


Tooty Ta Tuesday - You Tube  brain Breaks fun dance with Jack Hartmann  is a free Maths school by the Carol Vorderman  has lots of activities to consolidate your learning. 


If you find a brilliant free website then email us and we can share the link to all parents. 


Remember to keep reading aloud and practice telling the time daily.


Keep smiling, I look forward to hearing from you. laugh


Speak soon.


Miss Herbert.





I have been practising Yoga that Emma taught us earlier this month before I start my homework. :) Although Watson is trying to learn too!

Welcome to the new school year 2019-2020!

We have so much planned for you! Always scroll down to see the latest adventures, children in Year 1 and 2 have had.  We have introduced a new curriculum based on Donaldson with lots of input from parents, staff and the children. We have EPIC every day! The children are AMAZING! Together, we will reach our own potential and beyond! 

Miss Herbert  Foundation Phase Leader smiley

Llongyfarchiadau all winners of the recitation competition. We are proud of you.


It's Welsh week in FP2

Welsh Week has been exciting. We have been leanring about inspirational Welsh people.First we composed music for the story of a Welsh saint called Melangell.

Then we learned about William Morgan. He was the first man to translate the whole Bible into Welsh. It took him 10 years!

We also learned about sixteen year old Mary Jones who walked 25miles to buy a Welsh Bible. She didn't wear any shoes! We collected information about the size of our shoes and the length of our feet. Then we thought of investigation questions about feet.


Wyt ti'n hoffi? We used maths skills in Welsh class

In the LLC zone, the staff made a Role Play castle.

We have been making 3d castles and building electrical circuits to power them up!

Happy Chinese New Year

In FP2, We are becoming REAL WRITERS!

We went to visit Santa!

Miss H built an igloo! It's so COOL!!

We have been learning about the Nativity Story.

Baby Charlie came to visit us and we asked his mum interesting questions. We found out about all the things parents need to have in the house before a baby is born. Then we compared what Charlie had to what Jesus had when he was a baby.

We are learning how Christians prepare to celebrate Jesus's birthday. This season is called Advent. We worked really well together to make Advent wreaths.

We have been finding out about the local area and had fun making some of the buildings and maps.

Through Pupil Voice, the children wanted to learn more about the Chinese culture to help with our topic 'All about me!'

Our Harvest Festival was a big success. Thank you for all your support. Diolch yn fawr iawn.

We had fun measuring our heights and standing in order.

Mae mathemateg yn ffantastig!

Inspiration Day was great and we shared information about ourselves.

Penblwydd Hapus i Fflic a Fflac

Look at our wonderful class! We can't wait to start our learning!

We enjoyed our INSPIRE DAY! Do you like our costumes?