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Shine your Light

Week beginning 29th June

The Smartest Giant in Town


Watch the story of 'The Smartest Giant in Town' and choose some of these activities to complete.


1. The animals in the story are very thankful to the giant.  Pretend you are one of the animals, write a letter to say thank you for the clothes he gave you.


Dear Giant,

Thank you for my new ....................


Love from



2. Draw some clothes that you would wear in the summer and some that you would wear in the winter.  Are there any clothes that you wear in the summer and winter?  Why do you wear them in the summer/winter? (See template below).


3. Giants footprints - draw around your foot.  Can you measure it using 2p coins? How many coins did it take to measure your footprint?  Go on a hunt around your house or on a walk outside, can you find something longer than your footprint? Can you find something short than your footprint?  Can you find something the same size as your footprint?


4. Pretend you are a giant, what could you use your hat for?  What could your belt for?  Who could you help? Draw a picture of it and write a sentence.  

My hat is a ..........

My belt is a ..........


5. Design a new tie for the giant. 


6. The giant in the story is very kind to the other animals.  Write a recipe for kindness.  What would you need to include? For example a pinch of smiles or a cupful of playtimes. (See template below)


7.  Dillad - Draw a picture of a giant it can be a girl or boy. Label the clothes using the Welsh words on the flashcards below.


8.  Draw a story map. What happened first, next and last in the story? (See template below).


"The Smartest Giant In Town" by Julia Donaldson