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Shine your Light


Friday 22nd January - Deforestation - PowerPoint Presentation Challenge


Your challenge this week is to create a PowerPoint presentation explaining deforestation. Don't forget that you can pause this video at any point and rewatch any parts that you're unsure about. There is no rush, take your time doing this work. Remember to share your work with me (I show you how to do this in the video) otherwise I won't be able to see your amazing work.

Good luck!

Bonus Challenge - SMART Rules - Presentation


Last week, we reminded ourselves of the SMART rules and just how important it is to stay safe online. This week, I want you to take everything that you discussed last week, and present it to someone else. It's totally up to you how you present this, it could be a video, a Powerpoint, a poster, it is UP TO YOU! I can't wait to see how you all choose to present the SMART rules, good luck!

If you chose to do a Flipgrid video to present the rules, check your emails, I have sent you the code that you will need.

Mr Weston