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Numeracy Mrs Sears-Neale

Monday 25th January 2021

Hello boys and girls,

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and managed to play in some snow. 


I have loved receiving all your work and photos of you being busy this week.


This week we are going to be having some fun playing games with the two times table.


I would love to receive some more photos of you playing the games with your grown-ups. 


I have added a lovely story under the topic icon, let me know if you like the story.


Have fun and stay safe


Mrs Sears-Neale

2 Times Table Song - Percy Parker - Wave Your Arms In The Air With Percy - with animation and lyrics

2 x table

Big Numbers Song | Count to 100 Song | The Singing Walrus

Count to 100 withThe Singing Walrus

Counting in 2s | Song of Twos | The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus presents "Song of Twos", a skip counting song for young children. The music has a distinctly 1960s style, with beautiful, melodic verses ...

Wednesday 27th January 2021

Week 3 Wednesday Multiply by 2

Thursday 28th January 2021

Maths 2

Miss Smith is teaching you today boys and girls, I am so excited. Enjoy and have fun :)

X2 Challenge questions - Choose your colour of challenge

Friday 29th January 2021

Good morning boys and girls, 

I hope you have had a lovely week. Miss Herbert and myself are looking forward to seeing you all later for our Teams meeting.


This weekend is the RSPB bird watch and I thought that it would be a lovely idea to take part. You can watch from your window, sit in your garden or go for a walk with your grown-ups.


I have attached the document which has the birds on, for you to look for. 


If you can use your data skills, you could keep a tally of what birds you have spotted and create a chart on HWB to show your findings.


Enjoy !!


I would love to see your pictures 


Mrs Sears-Neale





RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2021

'What will you see? Enjoy an hour with nature and take part in the world's largest wildlife survey between 29-31 January.#BigGardenBirdWatch

RSPB bird watch