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National Tests

Personalised Assessments

These old test papers can give you an idea of the types of questions your child may have during the National Tests. The last Test papers were published in 2018.

However, the new tests that your child will have now are far more personalised. The difficultly level of each question will change to reflect the individual progress of your child.  If your child is in Year 4, they may have questions that could have appeared of the Year 5 or even year 6 paper. Likewise if your child is in year 6 and finds a question too challenging they may be given a year 4 question to try.

These assessments are all online now and allow your child to progress at their own pace and level.  We use these assessments to inform our planning and see which areas we need to focus on more or which areas we are doing well at teaching.

These tests are just another way that we are helping your child to improve and build confidence in their ability.

Mathematics Procedural Test Papers 2013

Mathematics Procedural Test Papers 2014

Mathematics Procedural Test Papers 2015

Mathematics Reasoning Test Papers 2014