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Week beginning 13th July

Commotion in the Ocean


Listen to the story of Commotion in the Ocean and choose some of these activities to do.  I've included a Cosmic Kids Yoga video and Baby Shark song for you to enjoy too.  To complete some of these activities you could make visit to the beach and collect some shells, pebbles and seaweed to use when you go home.



1. In a shallow tray can you make your own little rockpool using pebbles, seaweed and shells.


2.  Taste some seafood or seaweed, what do you think of it? Does it taste nice?  If you were a fish or shark what would you choose to eat?


3.  How can we look after the sea?  Lots of rubbish that can be recycled ends up in the sea, can you help your family to sort their recycling?  Make a poster to encourage other people to recycle too.


4.  Have you been to the beach?  What did you see there? Did you see any sea creatures?  Draw a picture of the things you saw and write a sentence to say what they were.


5.  Take a visit down to the beach, try writing numbers and sounds in the sand or make them out of shells and pebbles.


6.  Create a junk model sea creature or draw or paint a picture of your favourite one.


7.  Make a collection of pebbles, shells or driftwood.  Can you count the objects using groups of 2 or 5?  Sequence the items in order of size from smallest to largest.  Can you find the longest item?  Can you find the shortest? Can you find the heaviest?  Can you find the lightest?





Commotion In The Ocean by Giles Andreae

Saturday Morning Yoga | Under the sea 🐙

Baby Shark Dance | Sing and Dance! | @Baby Shark Official | PINKFONG Songs for Children